A Guide to Utilizing Instagram Videos to Raise Awareness of Your New Product

February 17, 2023 by No Comments

Developing a social media presence for your company that emphasises a certain lifestyle may boost sales and establish you as a leader in your field. To connect with your audience, though, you must take the appropriate measures. Instagram product videos are a fantastic method to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. In fact, video has a 95% higher retention rate than text when it comes to getting your message through.

Following these tried-and-true guidelines for posting product videos on Instagram can help your company stand out from the crowd. In this post, you will learn how to use Instagram video marketing to increase sales, as well as how to develop engaging content that will get people talking about your company. As an added bonus, we’ll go through some Instagram marketing strategies that can help you boost sales and make your items a #trending hit.

Instagram as a platform for marketing videos

People on Instagram are usually seeking for something unique, so it’s important to cater your product videos and insights to their preferences. As 70% of Instagram users look for information on items and services they’re interested in purchasing, it’s crucial to keep posting videos to Instagram if you want to maintain your relevance and build relationships with your target audience.
With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is a massive advertising platform that may significantly boost your business’s bottom line with an effective marketing approach. What works for you on other social networking sites may not translate well to Instagram because of the platform’s unique design and interface.

The best way to distinguish yourself from the competition

Promotional videos

Making a teaser video for your product on Instagram before you release it might help generate buzz and interest in your offering. The length of your movies should be determined by where you intend to upload them. Instagram allows for videos of up to 60 seconds in the feed, while it’s advised that users restrict their movies to a minimum of 10 seconds. Research suggests that a maximum of 36 seconds is appropriate for an Instagram video.

Make use of key opinion leaders

Using Instagram influencers in your pre-launch marketing is a smart move. Those who listen to and respect their favourite opinion leaders and who will likely give a new product a go without completing any more study. In fact, 92% of buyers say they are more likely to buy a product if an influencer endorses it. Don’t forget to have your influencers film a little commercial featuring your product. This video may then be shared on your page, or you can combine the videos of other influencers who have used your product.

Cloud-based collaboration solutions with essential features like unique access, reporting, team management, and mobility are essential for optimising your influencer connection. If you want your influencer campaign to be successful, everyone involved should be on the same page.

Do something unique to advertise your wares

Videos that are well-made, interesting, and informative about the items being promoted will leave a longer-lasting impression. You may generate a wide variety of videos, but remember that your end aim is to produce marketing videos that will spread like wildfire online. Select a structure that best showcases the qualities and information you wish to impart, such as a how-to, a demonstration, or a review of a product.

You should begin by deciding exactly what it is you want viewers will take away from your film. The next step is to write a script with a simple, relatable message that will pique the interest of your target audience. Next, search for an online video-making platform that gives you options for video trimming, audio addition, and, of course, the ability to brand your movie with our logo and watermark.

Create Instagram Product Videos That Go Viral

Create a social media schedule

Consistent posting is essential if you want to keep your brand in the thoughts of new customers and existing ones who are dedicated to your items. In the sea of Instagram ads, your business will sink to the bottom if you don’t post often and interesting content. The social media calendar is one of the greatest online content platforms currently accessible.

If you use a social media calendar, you won’t have to worry about forgetting when or what to publish. There is a never-ending stream of information for your users to engage with, thanks to the abundance of holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

Invest heavily on cloud-based data storage

Storage space can quickly be eaten up by video files. If you want to preserve a library of product videos and other information, you’ll need to invest in a cloud storage platform. One computer can use the shared resources and databases of other computers on the same network, as explained by Cloud Defense specialist Barbara Ericson. By utilising cloud computing, you are no longer restricted to storing your files and data on local hard drives or storage devices, but rather, you may save everything in a central database located elsewhere.

If you want to mass-produce Instagram product videos, use a programme that supports cloud saving. By doing so, you may retain your focus on the goal of generating films rather than counting them.

Gifts from the Host

Regular giveaways are another wonderful method to attract people to engage with your content and follow your page. A promotion that offers freebies is sure to be noticed. People will often be on the fence about buying your stuff, despite their curiosity.

Giving out samples of your items encourages consumers to try them out before making a purchase. It also makes people want to buy your stuff, which generates word-of-mouth and ultimately more revenue.