Top 3 Organic Instagram Growth Strategies For Businesses

January 30, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram was first released more than ten years ago. Since its establishment, it has released a plethora of algorithm changes and new features, hinting that businesses need to keep up with the times if they want to see noticeable and lasting growth. They need to put different approaches to the test to find the one that ultimately yields the desired outcomes. In particular, brands need to pay close attention to developing effective organic expansion strategies.

When you have more Instagram followers now than you did when you first opened your account, you are said to be “growing” on Instagram. To attract more people to your Instagram account, you should focus on increasing your interaction rates, promoting your business, and publishing interesting material. These are the most important considerations for users when deciding whether or not to click the “follow” button. If you feel that your Instagram engagement and audience size is tanking or staying flat, you may be missing out on something. Six of the most effective organic methods for attracting new followers to your Instagram profile are outlined below.

Marketing Tactics on Instagram to Increase Followers

1. The Value of Consistency

The first step is to solidify your foundational knowledge. The improper strategy would be to publish a lot of information at once and hope that some of it will go viral. An strategy like that will never help you succeed on Instagram. If you want your postings to be seen by many of your intended audience members, you’ll need to change your strategy. Check in on your present publishing schedules, regularity, and, most importantly, content quality. The optimal times to post online are not consistent between time zones and regions. Before you begin posting to your Instagram feed, you need just determine the timezone of your audience demographics and the optimum times to post. You can spend more time planning what to post in order to achieve organic growth with the help of one of the many programmes available on the market to handle this task for you.

Posting at optimal times is important, but you should also be consistent, i.e. post at regular time intervals, so that your fans may anticipate your next great post. While small firms may only post once or twice weekly, big names often make multiple updates throughout the day. Above all else, make sure your material is consistently high quality so that it stands out in the vast visual social media space. Using stock images on Instagram will never help you gain more fans. Instead, if you want to increase your following on Instagram, you need to make material that people can’t resist sharing. The more people who interact with your posts, the more likely you are to attract new fans. Despite your low engagement rates, getting automatic Instagram likes for your most recent posts is a great way to encourage more people to really look at your material instead of just passing it by.

2. Invest Time In Making Content

The days of limiting your content sharing to Instagram feed posts are long gone, thanks to Instagram’s habit of regularly releasing new capabilities. Instagram also allows users to monitor statistics for previously untracked content types, including IGTV episode views, story replies, and mentions. Instagram’s organic growth can be boosted by taking advantage of the platform’s increasingly diverse content options, which are increasing in number all the time.

If you’ve just been sharing content on in-feed articles at odd intervals, we recommend focusing on sharing a handful of stories each week to maintain consistency and variety. Sure, you should prepare ahead of time for the content you’re going to share on your stories. Certainly, providing content that is relevant to your target audience is a surefire way to get more subscribers. Using creative aspects in your copy is just as important for expanding your Instagram following as uploading high-quality content regularly. If you want to succeed on Instagram, you should never overlook the importance of investing in yourself creatively.

3. Promotional contests and freebies

Discounts, gifts, and freebies are always well received by audiences, and this hasn’t changed despite the evolution of social media. To this day, there is a disconnect between what marketers provide and what their target audiences anticipate, meaning that no opportunities are derived from the social material. The majority of Instagram users (almost 73%) say that brands should exclusively post about discounts and sales. One of the key draws of brand followership is the potential for receiving early notice of sales and other discounts from one’s preferred businesses. Only 20% of marketers, on the other hand, felt that social media coupon sharing wasn’t all that necessary. A divergence of opinion like this should serve as an alarm to marketers to begin conducting research on consumer preferences.