9 Powerful Instagram Post Tips To Drive Engagement

How about a group of sheep? Do you think you have what it takes to tell each of the young ones apart? Most likely not. That’s also the case on Instagram.

Businesses in particular are guilty of mindlessly following the feeds of their customers without giving any thought to whether or not the content is genuinely relevant to their own brand. When you merely steal the ideas of others, your Instagram post will quickly be lost among the 95 million photographs and videos published every single day.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to provide your intended audience and your followers something they can’t get anywhere else: exclusive content. We’re aware of how challenging it may be to continually think of interesting topics for blog posts. Here are 15 of the best Instagram post ideas to keep your followers engaged.

9 unique Instagram post concepts for every company to use.

Check out the options we’ve provided, and pick the ones that best fit the needs of your company or brand.

Post a How-To Guide’

Instagram users love watching how-to videos. People are finding ways to make instructional videos in under a minute, especially since the release of Reels. They are concise yet informative, and they hold the attention of the viewer throughout the whole film. Any topic related to your field is fair game for a tutorial. Depending on the length of the instruction, you may share the video in your Feed, Reels, or on IGTV.
If you run a restaurant, for instance, you might demonstrate to your fans how to prepare one of your signature meals at home. Customers and fans would appreciate this type of post from you. Displaying the practical use of your items is another way to boost sales and user interest.

Show them how things really work

Instagram users like genuine brand identities. They don’t want to only see photographs of products all the time. Sharing material from behind the scenes is a terrific approach to give your brand more of a human face. By letting your audience see into your office, you may gain their emotional investment. They’ll feel more invested in your company as a result.
You may demonstrate the fun side of the business by filming staff working at their workstations, celebrating a birthday, playing games on Friday, or even having a little pizza party. This will help promote openness, foster trust, and bring your brand closer to your audience.

Promote a contest or a freebie offering

To fast increase your Instagram following and generate buzz for your company, nothing beats a contest or giveaway. They will spark interest in your company and generate buzz. Those who don’t win the contest but hear about it are still prospective consumers because everyone likes free items.
Make sure you have a desirable giveaway prize to offer. You may increase your chances of winning by encouraging participants to tag their friends in comments on your giveaway post, to like and follow your account, to share your post on their social media accounts, or to share your giveaway post on their stories by tagging your account and using your hashtag.

Input from the audience

You need not come up with all of your own material. What could be more valuable than material that your consumers have created themselves? Share user-generated content that features your products in action, such as collages made with your service or videos showing how to use your software. This will increase not just consumer appreciation but also brand recognition and credibility.

Admit your own shortcomings

Inaccuracy is a human condition. We’re all fallible; no one’s flawless. Don’t be too proud to acknowledge that you make silly blunders on a regular basis. You need not show everyone the email from the customer who is furious because you botched their order. Nonetheless, you can take pictures and broadcast the everyday blunders that can occur to anyone in the world.

Get on the bandwagon

What do you think of the bottle cap challenge and the mannequin challenge that have gone viral on Instagram recently? It spread like wildfire online. It seems like everyone else on Instagram was following suit.

Adapting your brand’s image to current trends is a fun approach to stand out from the crowd. You need not go along with every fad that appears on the site. Don’t hesitate to ride the wave of popularity when a fad emerges that serves your brand without damaging your reputation.

Current and former endeavours

If you’re a writer or work in the creative industry, this is a fantastic topic for an Instagram post. Don’t be shy about letting your fans know what you’re up to if you have a project in the works. Create an Instagram post showcasing your work in progress and then direct them to your blog or press release for further in-depth information. Posts in progress can be shared to generate interest in your work before it is complete.

A popular person who endorses your goods

Have you tried contacting influential people to get them to talk about your product? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an influential person buying your wares. Put them on your timeline and in your stories. It’s a fantastic strategy for boosting credibility and popularity for your brand. When your target consumers see their favourite influencers utilising your items, they are more inclined to buy what you’re selling.

Find new uses for outdated material

If you’re a social media manager, you know how time-consuming it can be to come up with a single piece of content for Instagram. Since you are investing so much time and effort, it stands to reason that you would want to maximise the impact of each and every post you create. And recycling already created material is a great method to accomplish this.