TikTok Ad Strategy For Brand Growth

March 13, 2023 by No Comments

What was once just a dance app has become one of the most popular places for brands to advertise online. Yes, you read that correctly: TikTok is now another important place to advertise your wares. Millions of active users on TikTok every day made it an attractive marketing target. And it’s clear that it’s a good decision; several well-known firms have benefited greatly from making the switch.

What’s the catch to making use of that potential? TikTok fans are not interested in the professionally produced videos that dominate Instagram and YouTube playlists. As the site and its content are unique, its users place a premium on genuineness and amusement. To be effective in advertising and have a strong brand presence, it is crucial to comprehend the dynamics of that setting. Successful businesses on TikTok are those that are willing to try new things in order to get the right tone and voice that will make their products or services seem less like an advertisement and more like a natural part of the discussion.

How can you create a viral TikTok ad?

Successful TikTok advertisers fully utilise these features:

Identify the tone and goals of your brand

In this way, your messaging will always be consistent, giving your content flywheel more velocity and letting your audience know what to anticipate from you. Companies that try to jump on every social media bandwagon do themselves in because it shows they have no confidence in their own identity or the value of what they provide their customers when they jump from one trend to the next. Clarity is what audiences are looking for, and no one likes to be left guessing about what a company is selling.

Learn who your target audience is and what they want to read

When you know your audience and what they like, you can make ads that are more likely to catch their attention and encourage them to click through. The brand only needs to put forth a little extra effort. Creating customer personas helps narrow your focus and find the right people to sell to. Age and gender breakdowns will prove crucial. It’s also a good idea to start consuming the information that your target audience is fed in order to get a sense of what they enjoy and dislike; this research is especially important to maintain, as the social media landscape is always evolving. Keeping abreast of the things they care about will put your brand front and centre in their minds.

Having a firm grasp on the platform’s ecosystem and maximising your capabilities inside it

TikTok is not the same as Facebook, Instagram, etc. The key to engaging content is honest storytelling, which can be aided by your brand’s willingness to embrace current cultural references and lightheartedness. Most companies become engaged in the trap of believing they need to follow every trend they can identify, even if doing so drastically dilutes the quality of their material. On this medium, users are looking for a good time, thus making them laugh is a must for any successful company. Equally crucial is doing it in a way that is true to the brand’s tone and resonates with the target demographic.

So, what do the most effective TikTok ads look like, and why do they get such a good response? Proceed with the discussion.

Companies Are Crushing It On TikTok

In-N-Out Burger

In today’s world, everyone wants to go viral, and one simple method to do that is to follow current trends. Too many companies fail to see that not every trend applies to them because of this. But, it is a good idea to capitalise on opportunities when they arise, much like Jack in the Box did with the Little Miss/Mr. craze that was all over social media. Due of their reputation for off-the-wall anarchy, they were able to capitalise on this fad in a way that was authentic to who they are and relatable to the wacky sense of humour that many young TikTokers enjoy.

The Most Beautiful Bridal Boutique in Town

One of the best ways to reach people is through popular culture; this can be in the form of either time-sensitive or timeless media, as long as the audience is dedicated to it. With their goods, Bon Bon Belle Bridal targets growing markets. No matter if the viewer is engaged or not, they can’t help but get drawn in by their favourite shows, characters, and music.

Globe of Selfies

Since the majority of TikTok’s audience (around 60%) consists of people in the 10- to 25-year-old age range, tailoring a brand’s voice to appeal to this demographic increases the likelihood of an item becoming viral. This generation has a soft spot for companies who aren’t afraid to go out into the weird and wacky, like Selfie World, whose latest commercial mocks both its employees and its customers in a meme-friendly manner.

Beetlejuice, Bye Bye

How would your company sound if it were a person? Is there humour in their character? How do you think they’d treat their pals? People on TikTok are more likely to engage with a brand if its representatives sound like they could be their friends. Beetlejuice on Broadway has developed a distinct marketing language that casually addresses its core demographic with comedy as dry as a sandworm. To the point that their audience likely recognises their unique and unusual content even without the show’s name being displayed, they maintain that voice even while delivering bad news (like their concluding comment below).