An Ultimate Guide: TikTok Ads

March 18, 2023 by No Comments

A lot of people used to upload videos of themselves lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs when it first launched as a social media platform. Since then, it has grown to host a broader range of videos and to serve as a platform for brand-related creativity.
Immediately following the combination, TikTok saw an increase in its active user base of about 800%. As of now, advertisers may reach over 1 billion unique users every month by using TikTok.

How Can a Company Use TikTok?

If you’re a marketer looking to promote on TikTok, look no further than TikTok For Business. Instead of coming up with their own strategy, marketers can use the platform to guide them through every step of the advertising process, including ad creation, budgeting, audience targeting, and data analysis.

The Ads Manager platform offers an e-learning solution to assist businesses tap into their inner artists and learn how to create ads on the platform.

Several Categories of TikTok Commercials
Advertising on the Top of the News Feed
Hashtags for Brands
Acquisition of Established Brands
Brand Influence
TikTok only allows video commercials as a means of promotion for businesses. Five distinct ad forms are available for use, and the TikTok For Business Ads Manager portal is where marketers can make them.

The Best Advertising on TopView

The TopView ad will display daily after the app is opened for the first time.
TopView ads can be up to 60 seconds long, making them ideal for companies promoting services or goods that need a greater investment of time, such as movie or television previews. According to a survey, 71% of people who use TopView claim the advertising actually catch their attention.

Advertising that appear in the feed

The “For You” feed is where users first land when they launch the app, and in-feed adverts are the fourth video they see. The algorithm uses the user’s behaviour within the app to determine which videos to show in the For You feed. Neuro-Insight revealed that TikTok In-Feed advertising increase detail memory by 23% compared to TV ads.

Hashtags for Brands

Companies can use “branded hashtags” to sell their products by encouraging users to use a specific hashtag while sharing content on TikTok. In contrast to other social media platforms, brands adopting this ad type have sole control over the hashtag.

Acquisition of Established Brands

TopView, In-Feed, and Branded Hashtags are all part of the Brand Takeover ad style, with the takeover part referring to the fact that the platform only highlights one firm per day.
Brand Influence

Using 2D, 3D, or AR, Branded Effects commercials insert product imagery into user-created TikTok movies. Advertising campaigns on TikTok often involve the creation of stickers and filters featuring the brand’s products. Use of these filters and stickers, the majority of which entail playing branded games, boosts user engagement and exposure to the advertised product.

Can you explain how the TikTok advertisements function?

TikTok advertisements can be quickly and easily set up.

In order to produce, administer, and analyse your advertisements, you must first set up a business account. Next, you’ll fill out some basic information about your company and choose a method of payment.

The exciting part is about to begin. There are two ad manager interfaces available to you: streamlined and individualised.

Both have you adding on to your advertisement as you go. Plan your strategy first, then establish your ad groups, and lastly develop your commercials.

Setting Up Your TikTok Ad Account

  • Initiate a company profile.
  • Just tell me about your company.
  • Fill out the billing details.
  • Choose a mode of payment and get it set up.
  • Ad management modes can be chosen.
  • Prepare a commercial.
  • Have a look and send in your ad.

Reviewing Commercials on TikTok

If you don’t want your ad to get stuck in limbo, check to see that it complies with the platform’s ad rules and policies.

The following is a check list to use while proofreading your advertisement before sending it in:

The homepage:

  • Useful, and it works well on mobile devices.
  • Accords with the ad’s stated product name.
  • Has local language support for its intended audience.
  • Doesn’t frantically get files onto a user’s device.

The ad:

  • Lacks any typos or grammar mistakes.
  • Sound is included.

  • Rranges from five to sixty seconds.
  • Not overrun with symbols, space, numerals, or capitalization.
  • Coincides with the caption.
  • Is written in the language spoken by its intended audience (or includes subtitles.)
  • Does not consist of anything that is illegal.
  • lacks fuzziness and pixelization.
  • Maintains the industry-standard aspect ratios of 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9.

Promotional Expenses on TikTok

Here is how much money you should set aside for advertising on Tiktok. Your campaign budget, whether set daily or for the duration of the campaign, can be adjusted at any time.

In order to run a successful campaign, you will need a daily and cumulative budget of at least $50 USD. Budget more than $20 U.S. dollars each day for an ad group.

TikTok’s pricing for advertisements is currently unknown. There is, nevertheless, some data available.

Digiday stated in 2020 that TikTok’s cost-per-mille was as low as $1. JungleTopp ran their own trial and found the cost-per-click to be $0.19, which is significantly less than Facebook and Instagram.

Several bidding tactics, each tailored to a different set of objectives, are available on this platform.