About Us

SeeFred.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savings Inc. We specialize in the unusual and hard-to-find items that bring a smile to your face or serve a purpose better than similar products. We serve a number of market segments, from individual consumers to retailers, florists, photographers, interior designers, restaurants and event planners. Sales are made at retail and wholesale levels and shipments are made daily to numerous domestic and international destinations.

Our parent company, Savings Inc., is a regional wholesale packaging distributor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Established in 1988, their offering has grown to include bags, boxes, tissue, ribbon and a variety of accessory items. They maintain a showroom and warehouse as well as a website, primarily serving small retailers in the Midwest US, Their customer list has expanded to all 50 states and many international locations. Many of the customers of Savings Inc also purchase items for their businesses from SeeFred.com and vice versa.

Both SeeFred and Savings Inc. are part of an even larger tech company, TheYTLab. Their website can be found at theytlab.com

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