5 Incredible Ways To Use IGTV To Promote Your Business

IGTV stands for Instagram TV. It was launched on June 20, 2018, and it can be accessed either in standalone apps or through Instagram. IGTV allows users to upload long-form videos for up to 10 minutes. And if you’re a verified user, you can post videos up to one hour long. IGTV offers excellent opportunities to increase your brand reach, attract more audience and enhance your business.

Unlike Youtube, IGTV videos are vertical format, so you need to create vertical videos or resize your existing horizontal content. Many brands are using IGTV to reach their target audience and to enhance their business. Here are the five creative ways to grow your business on IGTV.

1. Make a Video Series

One of the effective ways to drive more traffic to your channel is by posting video series. If you want to attract your audience’s attention, you need to keep your IGTV channel fresh and updated. Share short video series in your feeds and boost your audience to watch on IGTV. It will increase your IGTV video views, and if you want to grow your views instantly, you can buy Instagram TV views to boost your video views.

Analyze your audience’s interest and create attractive videos to keep them engaged and encourage them to watch your channel repeatedly. Creating video series can increase your channel visibility to a broad audience. 

2. Create A Webinar Or Do An Interview

Use IGTV to make webinars for your followers and customers. IGTV is a long video so you can teach your audience about your business. Collect some footage from your industry and make IGTV videos to showcase your brand. Creating a webinar helps you to get more views and likes for your IGTV videos.

Interview with some leaders or experts in your industry to showcase your brand personality. To get more engagement for your Instagram TV channel, host polls, and quizzes to reach more audiences. 

3. Create Behind Scenes Videos

One of the best ways to increase your IGTV video views is by sharing behind-the-scenes videos with your followers. Every person likes to see behind the scene videos from their favorite brands. If you want to promote your brand to a broader audience, share a video about how your products are made. This will encourage your audience to watch your channel repeatedly to know about your business. 

Make funny videos and show your team and employees to your audience. It makes them feel friendly to ask anything about your business, and also it helps them connect with your brand. 

4. Make A Short Film

You can entertainingly make a short film to expand your brand reach to a massive audience. Creating a short film by using IGTV makes your audience excited to see your channel again and again. Share a preview video of your short film and encourage your followers to watch it on IGTV. Also, you can make a short film based on your industry products and how your brands changed someone’s life. With this, you can increase your brand personality, and it helps you get more likes and views for your IGTV videos.

5. Respond To The Comments

Create compelling videos and encourage your audience to comment on your videos. Host FAQ questions that will help you understand your audience’s interest and what they are thinking about your brand. Collect all the answers you receive, combine them into a single IGTV video and upload it to your channel. It will help you receive more likes and views for your videos and increase your video engagement simantainsly. 

6. Use Instagram Reels

Do you want to promote your business within a limited time? 

Instagram reels are the best way to improve your business because you can reach out to your content through videos. Most people like the content if you’re sharing the videos. You can share a variety of content in reels and get more audience to your account. When you buy Instagram reels views, you will increase your views count for your videos. Once you get more audience, your brand will reach out automatically. 

5 Effective Ways To Make Your TikTok Videos Go Viral

TikTok is an ever-growing social media platform with 1.1 billion active users worldwide. It offers different strategies to show your talent and market your product on TikTok. With Gen Z, TikTok has seen a potential growth over the past two years. Most of the TikTok users are over the age of 35. Create videos to go viral on the platform to get more likes, views, and new followers to your account. Here are seven tips to make your video go viral on TikTok. 

Tip 1: Add Hashtags

The essential element of making your video go viral is to add hashtags to your content. Most people search for trending and funny hashtags to know the update on TikTok. Adding the most relevant on popular hashtags will make your videos seen by more people. Videos with higher views only can make your videos go viral on the platform. You can easily boost your video views by buying TikTok views, and it will instantly increase your views count. 

Use the discovery tap to find trending content on TikTok and watch the hashtags they used in their videos. Create similar hashtags and include #For You because many people use these hashtags to find trending content on TikTok. Use branded hashtags to get more views and likes for your TikTok videos.

Tip 2: Analyze Your Audience

If you want to go viral on the platform, understand your audience first because it is essential to increase followers to your account. To understand your audience, you might know what they are searching for on TikTok?. On Twitter, people search for information, Facebook they use to find new connections, YouTube they use for education, and TikTok people only search for entertainment. 

Popular funny videos include dance, pranks, jokes, memes, and challenges. Also, you can upload recipes, workouts, craft, and beauty tutorials to engage your followers. Create entertaining and informative videos to get more views for your content. If your videos have more views, your content will reach more people. 

Tip 3: Use The Duet Feature

One of the best ways to be popular on TikTok is to post duet videos. Take the most popular videos on TikTok and add duet features to gain more views and followers to your account. The duet feature allows you to add videos with other users’ videos. Select a perfect partner to make duet videos because many people like to see duet videos from the best pair.  

Tip 4: Post Videos At The Best Time

On TikTok, the time you post will make your content go viral on the platform. Post at the best time to get views and followers to your account. Analyze when your audience will be most active and plan to publish at the best time to get more video views. You can select 6 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm to grab your follower’s attention.  

Posting at the best time will help you to get instant views for your videos. When your video gets more views, it will be shared with many people, increasing your followers’ growth. 

Tip 5: Collaborate With Popular TikTokers

Partnering with influencers and popular TikTokers can help you to gain more followers and increase your business on the platform. If you are very new to the platform and trying to enhance your business on TikTok, buy TikTik views, likes and followers to boost your profile. Also, having collaboration with famous people can help you to improve your business on TikTok. Collaborate with famous people and make creative videos to get more likes and views to make your videos go viral on the platform. Use these above tips to create viral videos and get succeed on TikTok.