SeeFred.com offers only first quality merchandise from ongoing suppliers. We do not buy closeouts, liquidation items or seconds. Some items may no longer be in production by manufacturers due to seasonality. Many items are purchased from vendors as an assortment and certain colors or sizes may not always be available.

Our selection will change based on new items we find. We are continually searching for new and unusual products with no specific theme or timetable. If you believe you have an item of interest, we invite you to submit it to SeeFred.com for evaluation. Please contact us for further information.


SeeFred.com has 2 specific guidelines and every item offered must meet at least one of the two to be considered:
1. Items must be limited in availability or unusual in scope. An item that is readily available in New York may not be available in California.
2. We must be able to offer an entire product line at a reasonable price. We do not offer loss-leaders on a specific item to sell related goods and we try to offer the entire product line at a lower price than our competition.


SeeFred.com will offer a full refund for any unused, unopened merchandise returned within 30 days for any reason. Returned merchandise must be in salable condition in the original packaging. (Special orders or large orders made at a customer request may not be covered.) You must contact us for a return authorization number that will be used to properly credit your account. Returns must have an authorization number. Fees or refusal of return may result if these guidelines are not followed.

Items not delivered by an expected date due to delays in weather, customs or circumstances beyond the carrier’s control (surpassing delivery attempt limits, etc.) may not be returnable. Any fees associated with the return of these items will be the responsibility of the buyer.


SeeFred.com DOES NOT SHARE ANY INFORMATION FOR ANY REASON WITH ANY OUTSIDE COMPANY OR INDIVIDUALS. We are wholly owned by Savings Inc., an Oklahoma corporation, which does have access to all information through shared data. All billing will be under the name of Savings Inc. Your information is encrypted on all order forms to protect your privacy.


All credit card billing will be under the name of Savings Inc. Your information is encrypted on all order forms to protect your privacy. To keep costs down, we require all orders to be placed through the system. Our site is encrypted and secure and you will receive a confirmation within minutes. If it is not possible for you to place your order, we can, if time allows, take your order over the phone for a $10.00 fee. If you are reluctant to use your credit card over the Internet, we can provide you with an override code, and we will call you for your credit card after we receive your order.


Handling charges are placed on small orders to cover minimal overhead to process your order. We actually get orders for less than a dollar’s worth of merchandise and cannot pay the labor and supplies used to process that order on the pennies of profit it generates.

Merchandise value over $40 – No Handling Charge
Merchandise value under $40 – $5.00


Our freight policy is very simple. We will ship all the products you ordered in 1 shipment to any location in the domestic U.S. and charge you only $7.00, no matter how many items you order. If an item is out of stock and we expect it in within a couple of days, we will hold your order and ship it complete when the item comes in. If the item is going to be more than a few days, we will contact you to hold the order or ship what is available. If an item is no longer available, we will cancel that item and ship the rest of your order immediately. Backorder items will incur an additional $7.00 shipping charge for each shipment. NORMAL POLICY IS TO HOLD BACKORDERS OPEN AND SHIP WHEN THEY COME IN. PLEASE ADVISE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU PREFER TO CANCEL ANY BACKORDER ITEMS.

Any international or expedited delivery (Next Day, 2nd Day, etc.) requests will be charged the rates we are charged plus $1.00 per shipment. These orders will be quoted and not shipped until we receive your approval. Any of these orders that are refused by the buyer will be returned to Savings Inc. at the customer’s expense. This notice shall constitute agreement to charge said amount to the customer’s credit card.

We use UPS and USPS to ship all orders. All UPS shipments are insured for $100 per package at no additional charge. Delivery guarantees cover the freight charge only and are at the discretion of the carrier. The ownership of an item changes to the buyer when picked up by the carrier. We will assist in any concerns but must abide by the decisions of the carrier.

Freight carriers deliver to the address they are given and charge for any changes. If the address provided to us is incorrect and we incur a charge from a carrier, we will charge that amount back to the credit card that was used with the original transaction, plus a fee of $10.00. Please be very careful of street addresses, suites, building floors, zip codes, etc. (For example, carriers will not deliver a package to John Smith at 1 Main St, when 1 Main St turns out to be a 60-story building. They must know the firm name, building floor, etc., to get the package to John Smith. (They can’t just leave the package on the sidewalk in front of the building.)


In the event of any disagreements, both parties (buyer and seller) agree to work in good faith to seek a fair settlement. If this cannot be done, both parties agree to use the laws and courts of the City of Tulsa, County of Tulsa, and State of Oklahoma and to bring suit only within those jurisdictions. In no event shall any damages claimed by buyer exceed the cost of the material and associated freight charges for the original shipment. The seller reserves all rights to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for any payments that are returned, charged back or stopped in any manner. Returned checks and fraudulent credit card charge backs will incur a $25 fee and be prosecuted through the district attorney’s office unless settled immediately upon notification. (Fraudulent credit card charge backs are deemed to be charges ordered against your card by you or an authorized agent and properly delivered in good condition by us or our agents. Subsequent refusal to accept these charges and resulting in a chargeback and chargeback fees to us by your credit card issuer may result in civil and criminal actions against you.) Additionally, buyer agrees to be responsible for any reasonable collection costs incurred by seller (including time, expenses, legal fees, court costs, etc.) to collect funds pledged to secure the original transaction.

Submission of any orders shall indicate concurrence with the terms stated above.

Last updated: September 16, 2009

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