Dial Antimicrobial Soap


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This is antibacterial soap that contains TriclosanT which makes it antimicrobial. It is made by Dial and comes in a convenient pump bottle. With all the little bugs floating around in today’s world, isn’t it one more step we ought to consider?

I found out about this from a medical column someplace. The doctor mentioned this is also good to use in the summer heat because many skin types harbor microbes that grow to large colonies in a very short time. As the colony grows it creates a foul smell. Plain soap or antibacterial soap do not affect these microbes. In a shower, all you’re really doing is rinsing off whatever microbes are rinsed away by the force of the water – the rest of the bugs just start the process all over again. Without an antimicrobial agent you’ll never remove them and they’ll be back with just as many within a few hours.

By the way, this soap has the same scent as normal Dial soap and includes emollients and skin conditioners to remoisturize the skin.


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