We continue to receive numerous membership requests every day so it must be working.

Some things to remember about the program:

  1. The price shown on the site is our retail price and we try to keep that lower than the competition to help subsidize the freight charges for retail. You will see a field to enter your wholesale account number (phone number) in the checkout and that will show your discount on the adjusted order total. Remember to fill out this field or your order will be charged at normal retail pricing.
  2. freight charge is the actual charge from the freight carrier, and we add this to your invoice plus $1 for shipping supplies. The order form will show this as the standard freight charge when you order and on your confirmation. When we pack your order and ship, we will adjust this amount to the actual charge and change the total charged to you.
  3. Handling charge. This program is really not designed for $5, $10, or $20 orders. If your order is less than $40, there will be a handling charge of $5 to help cover our expenses to get it on its way to you.

Welcome to the wholesale division of SeeFred.com.  Our wholesale program can offer new and exciting opportunities to millions of small retailers by adding a new distribution level.  

Many of the items we offer are only sold to small retailers through direct sales. There are no distributors in the middle, so you must buy the manufacturer’s quantities and minimums. Let’s face it, many small stores can’t place an opening order of $500 for widgets or don’t want to buy 36 pieces of an item when they only need 6. This is where SeeFred’s wholesale program offers you an alternative.

SeeFred now offers you the opportunity to get 6, 4, or 3 at a wholesale price to test in your store. We will continue to add products to our wholesale program to give you even more choices. You can buy our minimums from a handful of manufacturers and only spend a couple hundred dollars between them, instead of spending the same amount of money for one product from one supplier. If the product works for you, you can buy your next shipment directly from the manufacturer at the manufacturer’s minimums, or you can continue to buy small quantities from us. No, we will not tell you where we get them; you will have to pick up the box and read the name for yourself. (We do not give out our sources, but you can easily find them.)

We make our money by breaking down our large-quantity purchases and selling smaller amounts to you at a slightly higher price. Our wholesale program will allow you to add your margin and remain at a reasonable price. We are not competing with the manufacturer’s pricing but offering an alternative that allows you to purchase what you really need. When you buy from us, you may want to use a slightly lower margin to price the items to give them a fair test. In the end, would you rather sell out of the three at a little lower margin or sell 3 out of 36 at your normal margin and have to closeout the other 33?

If you agree that this makes sense, complete the form and fax us a copy of your sales tax permit. We must have a faxed copy of your sales tax permit to verify you as a business, not your customers trying to buy for less. We will validate your request and then email your password to access the wholesale price list. Handling charges still apply if your order is $40 or less. Freight is the actual freight we are charged, plus $1.00 per order.

What’s in It for You?

  • Test new products
  • Low minimum quantities
  • Low investment
  • Unique and unusual items
  • Eclectic product mix: something for everybody
  • Turn inventory faster
  • Change available products more often
  • Expand themes, i.e. add novelties or kitchenware
  • Quick shipping
  • Tested Products. Before we offer it wholesale, we have tried it as a retail item ourselves.

We think this is a good program.  Good for you, good for us.  Got questions?  Comments?  Call 800-725-7648 and tell them you want to talk to Fred.  We want to hear your ideas.

 Don’t forget about your packaging needs. Our parent company is Savings Inc., a wholesale packaging distributor. If you use bags, boxes, tissue, ribbon, etc., check out www.shoppingbagwarehouse.com to save even more money!

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